Creating Dialogue with the public

Community Consultation

As part of the development of the wind farm, we will undertake an extensive programme of public engagement. We want to ensure that local stakeholders can share their views and raise questions while the project is still in the design stage.

While COVID-19 means that we must restrict our public engagements, we have invested in other options to facilitate dialogue and ensure that everyone is fully informed.

You can sign up to receive regular updates on the project here.

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Supporting of new local initiatives

Community Benefit Scheme

The Oriel Wind Farm project will have a substantial community fund, which will distribute grants to groups in the region.

We welcome community involvement in the design of the scheme. We are not yet looking for projects to support, but encourage you to share your thoughts on how it could be structured and the kinds of projects it should support.

When we get to the stage of allocating grants, we will communicate extensively in the local media, through the local authorities and inform those on our mailing list.

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Growing and moving forward together

Fishing Groups

Offshore wind projects exist in a shared space with other commercial marine users, particularly fishing groups. Oriel is instigating a fund, targeted at supporting fishing operations in the region. This fund will help them develop the skills and infrastructure needed to improve the local fishing industry.

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