The Oriel Windfarm

The Oriel Windfarm project is being jointly developed by Parkwind and ESB. It will be the first Irish Sea Offshore Wind Energy project developed by Parkwind and ESB, and is also likely to be the first fully operational commercial wind farm in Irish waters.

With over 10 years of experience in developing, financing and operating offshore wind farms, Parkwind has established a unique position in the industry. With already 552 MW under operational management, Parkwind is determined to continue increasing the share of green energy through its collaborative approach with local communities, governments and suppliers. ESB are Ireland's leading electricity utility and is majority owned by the Irish Government. Together, the two partners are working to ensure Ireland's transition to green energy respects the environment as well as local communities and all stakeholders.

The Oriel Windfarm license area is located to the East of Dundalk Bay, in the territorial waters of the Republic of Ireland. The Oriel location was chosen, following an extensive review of sites in the Irish Sea, as being the ideal site on which to develop an offshore wind energy project. The wind farm will have a capacity of 330 MW which will provide a significant contribution to Ireland's renewable energy goals.

The Irish Government’s Climate Action Plan 2019 identifies clear policy steps towards the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, including an increased target for renewable sources of energy from 30% to 70% by 2030. This will be achieved by adding 12 GW of renewable energy capacity, including a minimum of 3.5 GW of offshore wind, coming from projects such as the Oriel Wind Farm. All initiatives under the climate action plan are required to have positive economic and societal benefits for the long term, including the establishment of a community benefit fund.

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