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The Oriel Windfarm

Established to sustainably develop offshore wind farms in Ireland, the company's first project is the development of the Oriel Windfarm in the North Irish Sea. This is planned to be the first fully operational commercial wind farm in Irish waters.

The Oriel Windfarm license area is located in the North Irish Sea off the County Louth Coast, to the East of Dundalk Bay, in the territorial waters of the Republic of Ireland. The Oriel location was chosen, following an extensive review of sites in the Irish Sea, as being the ideal site on which to develop an offshore wind energy project. The windfarm will have a capacity of 330 MW which will provide a significant contribution to the renewable energy target for Ireland.

The project is being jointly developed by Parkwind NV and ESB. Parkwind, one of Europe’s leading independent offshore wind energy developers, are a few months away from adding a fourth windfarm to their portfolio, bringing their total installed capacity to 771 MW. ESB are Ireland's leading electricity utility and is majority owned by the Irish Government.

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Oriel Windfarm Completes Geotechnical Campaign

The Oriel Windfarm has successfully concluded a month long geotechnical survey campaign during March.
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